🪴 Quartz 3.2

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Host your second brain and digital garden for free. Quartz features

  1. Extremely fast full-text search by pressing Ctrl + k
  2. Customizable and hackable design based on Hugo
  3. Automatically generated backlinks, link previews, and local graph
  4. Built-in CJK + Latex Support
  5. Support for both Markdown Links and Wikilinks

# Get Started

📚 Step 1: Setup your own digital garden using Quartz

Not convinced yet? Look at some community digital gardens built with Quartz, or read about why I made Quartz to begin with.

Returning user? Figure out how to update your existing Quartz garden.

# Content Lists

If you prefer browsing the contents of this site through a list instead of a graph, you see a list of all setup-related notes.

# Troubleshooting